Backyard Pool Ideas: Advantages of a Smaller Pool

Backyard Pool Ideas: Advantages of a Smaller Pool

Is bigger always better? Perhaps in diamond rings and bank accounts, but when it comes to swimming pools, the best backyard pool ideas often include a smaller footprint for the pool itself. We aren’t talking about kiddie pools, although kids really do enjoy those, but you might be surprised about the advantages of going with a pool that doesn’t take up your entire backyard.

You probably want a swimming pool because you want to relax and have a fun place for the family to get together. While a pool can provide hours of enjoyment, a big pool can take away from these leisure hours. Generally speaking, smaller pools are much easier to keep up with.

You also might not want your maintenance costs to interfere with your vacation budget. For this reason, a smaller pool will cost you less for chemicals and other maintenance concerns. Less water, less chlorine, etc. means more money left in your pocket for the other things you and your family love to do. If your idea of the best backyard pool ideas is not having any more expenses than necessary, a smaller pool may be perfect for you.

So, when would a smaller pool not be an ideal answer for you? If you want to swim long laps for an extensive workout, go larger. If you want to be able to have huge pool parties, go larger. If you want to add the most value to your home, go custom and larger. If you have a large family and a water-loving dog besides, go larger. If you want less yard to have to mow and landscape, go larger.

Here at Pool Blue Inc., we are experienced with all sizes of pools and can create the perfect custom pool for your yard. To discuss backyard pool ideas and our processes, get in touch with us today.

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