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Backyard Pool Ideas to Increase Safety

While backyard pools are a great way to have fun with the family, they can also pose a huge safety risk. If you are a pool owner, here are some backyard pool ideas to increase safety.

The first of our backyard pool ideas to increase safety is to install a robust pool cover. The safest pool covers are hard topped and will not collapse if an adult or child were to walk across the top. Additionally, these protective covers also include childproof locks to keep little ones out.

Next, we recommend installing pool lights inside of our pool and out. These lights can be motion activated so that the pool owner is alerted when there is someone moving around the pool at night unsupervised.

Another great backyard pool idea to increase safety is to install a protective, locking gate and fencing around the perimeter of the pool. This is especially helpful for those with young children or grandchildren.

Speaking of young children, another safety feature is to install alarms on all exterior doors and/or gates that could lead to the pool. This way, parents and grandparents are alerted when a door or gate is opened when it should not be.

Finally, the last of our top backyard safety ideas is to have all teenagers and adults get CPR certified. Those who are old enough should go through the certification in the event there was a serious situation in which CPR was required. Having this certification can help save lives anywhere, not just at a backyard pool.