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Swimming Pool Design

If you have been dreaming about building a swimming pool in your backyard, you are in luck. Below our team of experts review the latest and greatest in swimming pool design. Continue reading to learn more and get some backyard oasis inspiration.

The first swimming pool design trend that we love is installing a swim-up bar right in your pool. This used to only be something you would see at high-end resort hotels, but now you can enjoy this pool feature in your own backyard. Whether you are serving up snow cones to the kids or cold beers to your friends, it makes for a great time.

Next, a popular trend for the last few years has been to include a sun shelf in your swimming pool design. A sun shelf is a section of a pool that is flat and shallow. This swimming pool design feature is very popular with families with young children, or for those who want to install partially submerged lounge chairs into their pool.

A swimming pool design trend for those with skin that is more sensitive or for those who are looking for a pool option with less chemicals is installing a salt-water pool. Salt water pools use less chlorine, lack the potent chlorine smell, and can even be less expensive to maintain than chlorine pools.

If you are located in Lakeland, Florida and are interested in learning more about the latest and greatest in swimming pool design, give us a call at Pool Blue Inc. today!