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Custom Inground PoolsAlthough a standard pool is plenty of fun, making your space customized is a much better way to spend your money. The more tailored the layout of your pool area is, the better it will suit your wants and needs, and the happier you will be with the end result.

Consider these tips for building custom inground pools:

  • Learn what you want and research different options for custom inground pools. You may not even know what features to consider without spending some time on this stage of planning.
  • Configure a layout that will be most beneficial for you. You may want a spa area that is covered and closest to your house so that you can use it year-round and in any type of weather.
  • Ask yourself some of these questions to narrow down what you want:

*  Do you want a pool that is heated?

*  Do you want a self-cleaning pool?

*  Do you want accessories like a slide, pool bar, diving board, etc.?

*  Do you want an entertaining space around the pool area that includes a covered cabana, a built-in grill, a surround sound system, a fire pit, a place for seating, etc.?

*  Do you want a rectangular shaped pool or something more unique?

*  Do you want a waterfall or other water features?

Taking some time to list out features that you want for your custom inground pool will help you create a dream escape in your backyard. This exercise will also help you when you sit down with us to discuss the blue print for your pool. The more detailed and specific your list is, the better we are able to create exactly what you have in mind.

Custom inground pools are a significant investment, so you want to make sure you’re getting just what you want. To find out more, contact us today!