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The Advantages of Exercising in Swimming Pools

Swimming PoolsSwimming pools are an excellent exercise option, and in a place like Lakeland, you can exercise in an outdoor swimming pool almost year round.  If you struggle with exercising in a gym, here are some reasons to consider giving swimming pools a chance.

When you enter a swimming pool, your body weight is almost completely displaced, and you become essentially weightless.  This means that swimming has very low impact on your joints.  With a low impact level being placed on your joints, your risk for injury is quite low.  This is a great pro for anyone suffering from joint pain or anyone who is at high risk for injury with other forms of exercise.

Water also provides a high level of resistance in terms of exercise.  This allows you to strengthen your muscles while you are participating in a cardiovascular workout.  While providing a good cardiovascular workout, swimming laps can build your endurance.   Lastly, exercising in swimming pools engages all of your large muscle groups, which makes it a true whole-body workout.

If you are looking for a new way to exercise, consider swimming in a swimming pool.  Our swimming pool experts at Pool Blue Inc. are ready to help you design your dream pool; contact us today to get the process started.

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