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Most likely you have pondered over what your dream pool should look like, yet when it comes to putting the idea onto paper, you may get stumped. There are many options for you to choose from, and by sitting down with a professional designer, you can bring them into reality. Here are seven backyard pool ideas for you to consider when designing your inground pool.

Seven Backyard Pool Ideas for You to Consider_resized

  1. Size. In truth, the size of your yard is the limit, but you may not wish to have a backyard that is all pool. You will want to decide in what area you wish to have the pool, and about what size you would like it to be.
  2. sb10069736ac-001Shape. Shapes of pools no longer have to be simple rectangles or circles. You can choose a shape that flows more with your landscape, or even create a more unique design.
  3. Landscaping. Landscaping is a way to really complete the look of an inground pool. Whether you wish to have succulents or palm trees gracing the sides, it is important to envision how intense or moderate you wish the shrubbery to be.
  4. Waterfall. Waterfalls have become a unique and stylish way to add beauty and peace to inground swimming pools. Relaxing by the pool becomes more enjoyable when the soft splashing of water is present.
  5. Hot tub. Hot tubs are a great way to add to an inground swimming pool’s design, and to your indulgence. There is nothing like slipping into warm water on cooler nights while enjoying the outdoors and de-stressing from your day.
  6. Sandbar. Sandbars are a great alternative to the usual swimming pool steps. They allow a great place to sunbathe, or a safe place for younger children to play in the water. Another benefit is the beauty and natural look that a sandbar can add to a swimming pool.
  7. Decking. Decking is a large part of a swimming pool, and it’s important to add to your list of backyard pool ideas. You can choose between pavers, wood, concrete, or even grass for your deck.

When you have your backyard pool ideas ready and are set to start on your own custom pool design, our team at Pool Blue Inc. is here to help you! We are located in Lakeland, Florida and have over 20 years of experience. Our designers are the best in the business and will be able to help you see your dream come to life. Call us today to get started!