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/inground-swimming-pools/indoor-inground-swimming-pools/If you’ve got the space and the budget to choose between an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, how are you going to make a decision? Although both types will be a fantastic addition for your home and lifestyle, they also have a couple of drawbacks. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

Under the Roof 

With an indoor pool, you won’t have to worry too much about bugs, leaves and general dirt. Of course, the main attraction is that you can swim 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter what the weather is like. There can, however, be condensation issues in some pool rooms, so you’ll need to be sure that ventilation is good and you have the right equipment to manage humidity and heat in the air.

Under the Sky 

There’s nothing that beats swimming under blue skies on a perfect summer’s day, and then sunbathing next to an outdoor pool. For many, this is the more social option because you’ve got the yard for barbecuing and entertaining on the deck. But keeping the water clean takes more effort than it does with an indoor pool, since debris is continually blown in by the wind. Also, if you have lots of guests regularly, you’ll need to clean the filter more often and use more chemicals.

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