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Custom Pool Construction Water System Options

It used to be that when you had a swimming pool, you only had one option for keeping the water safe to swim in – liquid chlorine. Over the years, there have been many advancements, so there are more custom pool construction water system options than ever before. Each has their advantages, so it is worthwhile to check them all out before you build your own pool.

  • Traditional – You can still go with a traditional water system where you need to add chlorine on a regular basis. There are other options besides liquid now, so you do still have choices to make.
  • Saltwater – A saltwater system generates chlorine from sodium chloride that has been added to the pool water. You rarely need to add salt to the pool, but may have to if it has overflowed after heavy rains or a lot of water has been lost during pool activities. This is a cost-effective option in that you do not have to keep buying chlorine, and some people love the feel of the water. You can also convert a pool over to salt by adding a salt cell system later, but it is quite involved to switch back if you change your mind later.
  • Mineral Springs – This is a specialized system that uses a proprietary blend of minerals. Although it functions like a saltwater pool by utilizing a chlorine generator, it overcomes some of the disadvantages. The products naturally sanitize and filter, along with having pH balancers and ingredients for prolonging the life of the chlorine generator. You still have a saltwater pool, but with mineral springs, you have added advantages.
  • Natural – This is the most complex water system to make and maintain, but is ideal when you do not want any chemicals or devices used. The system uses aquatic plants, such as duckweed, cattails, and water lilies, to naturally remove contaminants and bacteria. It is like having a pond instead of a swimming pool. Know that while this type of pool can be beneficial, this form of custom pool construction can be more complicated.

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