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PoolsBackyard swimming pools often get a bad rap for safety. A lot of effort goes into promoting public awareness about swimming pool safety, which is important, but it conveys a secondary message that swimming pools are unsafe. However, owning a swimming pool should not be seen as a huge risk. There are a lot of safety features available to you that can help you keep your swimming pool safe for your family and those around you. We think installing safety features around your pool is a great idea and will help you enjoy your pool with the added peace of mind that safety features provide.

Backyard Pool SafetyHere are a few suggestions for different safety features you can have installed in and around your pool.

  • A fence. A four-foot or taller fence is recommended. If the fence is made of metal bars, the bars should be no more than 4 inches apart. The gate on the fence should be self-latching, so the gate will automatically lock itself after each time it is opened.
  • Anti-vortex drain covers. The suction of the drain can be strong enough to trap a child. Anti-vortex drain covers prevent this. In addition to the anti-vortex cover, there are other covers that are anti-entrapment and anti-entanglement. These drains help prevent a child’s hair or fingers from being sucked into the drain.
  • A cover. Be sure to remove pool covers entirely when the pool or spa is in use, so children don’t get trapped under the cover. Use a cover that locks to cover the spa.

In addition to these installed safety features, it is a great idea to teach children basic safety when it comes to playing in and near the water. Learning about water safety and being comfortable in the water is a basic life skill that will be beneficial through a child’s life. If your child masters these skills, you can feel more at ease when they are swimming or playing near the pool.

Backyard pools provide hours of family fun and entertainment for guests and friends. If proper precautions are taken and safety features are installed, it will help you enjoy your pool all that much more.